A Meditation: On Numbers 23:23 // See What God Has Done //

by Matheus Yuhlung

“There is no divination against Jacob, no evil omens against Israel. It will now be said of Jacob and of Israel, ‘See what God has done!’” – Numbers 23:23 (NIV)

It was a warm winter afternoon, some members of my church and I was seated in the church lawn, in a semi circle with our pastor seated at the centre. He is a man who is well advanced in age (and usually full of stories) and so as usual he narrated one of his old unforgettable experiences.

When he was young, he was famous for leading mass crusades in the yet to develop little rural state name Manipur. From one tribal village to another, he travelled with an entourage of missionaries, evangelists, singers and pastors and whoever felt a divine call. People accepted Christ in groups, families, and friends and sometimes the whole village or tribe he said.

This offended the conservatives and saw this whole Christian circus as an intrusion and an offence against their culture and traditions. They had conspired to assassinate me, pastor said, in one of these crusades.

The one appointed to shoot me, he continued, was seated at a ground a little higher, a little far from the field where we were preaching. He was waiting for the crusade to get over and most probably to do his deed when I’d be in the midst of the crowd taking alter calls. But he never proceeded with his plan that day.

Sometime after, Pastor said, one of his friends informed him about this conspiracy (as he was unaware of it until now); and also that fortunately, the person to whom the task was assigned could not complete his assignment at all; apparently, because he was moved by the sermon that day.

Everyone seated with me that day awed at the story but the sceptical part of me found it to be a little too flimsy to join in the amazement of my friends. But as I sat there, refusing to believe this story of divine protection, my heart refused to join in with my head’s scepticism; and somewhere inside it, I could feel a sense of amazement, gratitude, joy and contentment brewing up a smile on my face that I couldn’t hide because as much as the rational part of me wanted to refuse it, I believed that God is always faithful with His words when He says, He’ll always be there with us.

Picture Credit: blog.spu.edu