A Meditation: On Exodus 35:10 // What Are Skills For //

by Matheus Yuhlung

“Let every skillful craftsman among you come and make all that the LORD has commanded” – Exodus 35:10

If we were all made for a purpose then we must possess some skills to materialize that purpose too; right? Else why would God make anyone with a purpose and yet not equip him? Well the truth is; He does equip us. And aren’t these skills GOOD? Yes! It is. And are not these skills that when witnessed by people they exclaim it as a GIFT? Hence, wouldn’t it be safe to say that the skills that we possess are GOOD GIFTS? And what does the Bible say about GOOD GIFTS? It says it comes from God. So shouldn’t the legitimate use of our skills be for the glory of God? It is.

JF McFadyen wrote:

When one has a special gift for art, for languages, for public speech, for organization, and we call such a person, “talented,” we sometimes forget that, if we look to the origin of the word, we mean that he possesses capabilities whose only appropriate function is to be used in the Master’s service.[i]

What else could possibly be the appropriate use of our skills? And what else could amplify it other than being used for the master who has equipped us with these skills? Truly! A successful life, I believe is not of having a high credit limit or a hefty pay check or an aesthetically pleasing body or fame or even being loved by this world. A successful life would be a life that is lived appropriately to its calling and purpose.

So let us take heed to the call of appointment while time is still on our side. Let us invest all our skills in the making of the Lord’s tabernacle here on earth as we pray let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. For there won’t be no greater joy than being pat on the back on judgment day and hear our great master say – well done my child, well done.

[i] The Meaning Of The Parables – JF McFadyen (Page 21)