Beautiful branding, fab coffee, but no one spoke to me….

by Matheus Yuhlung

Ugly Grace

Earlier in the year, I was visiting a friend who was looking for a church home. She’d had her eye on one particular place, so one Sunday morning, we steadied our newbie nerves and went to visit.

The church was ablaze with welcome signs, flags and invitations to join small groups, mission trips and community activities. There was a genuine buzz about the place; the graphic design and branding was contemporary, the service was well-ordered and they even let us take (very good) coffee into the auditorium. What was there not to like?

We sang, watched some really creative short videos, heard an inspiring preach, and got invited (from the front) to join a missions trip.

When it was over, we filed out, got into the car and went home. It was only later that I twigged why, despite the creativity and orderliness, that I felt confused. Not a single…

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