Opinion: Respecting The Diverse Forms Of Salvation Offerings

by Matheus Yuhlung

[NOTE: This article is the second installment on the argument I started regarding church-and-individuality in my previously uploaded article which was titled Shouldn’t The Church Embrace Individuality. You can click on this link if you’d like to read that first. Thank you!]   

Deism views God to be like a watchmaker; the kind that was present during the time of creation, made a law and the law henceforth governed his creation – while he would interfere only when there’s a problem.

That commonsensical point of view might be for once accepted for animals considering the way nature runs its course and keeps check of the existence of their species (except for occasional human interferences that has introduced some disturbance over the following years). But can we or should we say the same for man?

Certainly not, else David would have never sung Lord! What is man that you are mindful of him.

Truth is: man is the only being that God has intricately and meticulously created it with His own hands and instilled life with His own breath. We men; are not created the way products are mass produced in factories. We have no reason to think that we are a photocopied varieties of a master copy. Rather every monad that constitutes our soul has been uniquely designed with certain capabilities for a certain purpose.

So, if every soul is different – its way of comprehending God and the way salvation is offered to that soul should be different as well. Right? Consider the following example:

Imagine Paul cross examining and questioning every new believer that would come to him by asking whether they were struck by a great white light and if whether they were asked why they were persecuting Christ? Obviously people would have answered no! And consider the vanity of all his efforts when Paul would have replied to them: Dear brother, if you haven’t been struck with a great heavenly light yet then maybe your conversion was not a genuine one; maybe you haven’t received Christ yet.

Likewise I find it quite absurd when a Baptist belittles a Presbyterian’s faith, a Protestant belittling a Catholic’s or even among people of the same denomination and Church and et cetera and vice-versa and so on and so forth. And if you ask me: I’d say what good is that faith that does not know how to love its brothers that too not the unbelieving yet rather the ones that believe (or at least proclaim to do so) on the same God as them? And is it not written – anyone who proclaims to love God yet does not love its brothers is a liar? It is someone who hasn’t loved God yet?

Moreover: is it a Baptist (or any other denomination) Church that Christ calls as His Bride? Rather it’s a universal whole – a collective culmination of believing souls. And in it, there is no need to raise speculations regarding the genuinely of faith and transformation. We are not here to judge but to love. And even if there is anyone who is a very concerned soul – who are hell-bent on policing fake Christians making a living selling Christ’s name ought to consider what is written in Acts five: thirty eight – which says:-

Therefore, in the present case I advice you: leave this men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail.

So again I say, just as everyone is made differently so is their calling different too. The portion of individuality in some might be high but then again we are no one to raise a judgemental eye against anyone. We are nobody to judge anyone on their way of serving God. Being different or being peculiar does not necessarily means evil or bad.

And lastly, being saved is not an elite status that we should look down to police or even pity anyone. We ought to have a heart that needs Christ so desperately that it knows nothing less than to only love and care for its fellow beings in this beautiful fellowship called Church that Christ has ordained for us in His aftermath.