Who Says that God Helps those who Help Themselves?

by Matheus Yuhlung

Connecting Dots...to God

The phrase “God helps those who help themselves” has permeated our thinking, but is it true?  My blogging friend Caddo recently mused over this quote, which got me thinking.

So, who says that God helps those who help themselves?

You will not find these words in the Bible.  According to a helpfully thorough article in Wikipedia, the idea goes way back to ancient Greece, was first expressed in English by Algernon Sydney, and made its way into American vernacular by Benjamin Franklin.

And we believe it.  After all, it fits nicely with the American Dream that serves as a defining narrative for life in the USA.  In spite of economic troubles and the growing perception that America is losing her edge, many of us still operate under the conviction that if we just work hard enough and do the right thing, that God will bless us.  Furthermore, that “blessing” will take the form of prosperity, success and even…

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