A Meditation: On Genesis 2:25 // Cloth In Divine Nakedness //

by Matheus Yuhlung

“And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed” – Genesis 2:25

Once someone said, Adam and Eve were naked before God – so basically God watched porn; hence Christians are hypocrite to condemn it. And then there are those who say – we were made naked and we were meant to be naked; hence they try to uphold nakedness or nudity as a better way of living.

It is true that Adam and Eve were naked before God – but their nakedness was like that of a child in front of their parents. Free from sinful imperatives. They knew no sin – hence there was no guilt – hence no shame. They were cloth in God’s providence. They had all they required so the natural clothing (i.e. skin) was sufficient for both spiritual and physical needs.

Secondly, we cannot uphold nudity (or broadly – nudism) as a lifestyle because it is a commonsensical fact that devoid of cloths we are expose to both physical and spiritual harm from physical injuries, infections et cetera to various moral corruptions.

Our cloths and our body as a Jain would say indeed is a great reminder of our sinful past and our present sinful existence; but to rid them is like treating the symptoms but never the disease itself. Hence, we ought to run to the great physician that Jesus Christ is – only He owns the cure of our diseases.