Opinion: The Problem Of Individuality And Anonymity

by Matheus Yuhlung

The trend that stitches our generation together is the desire to be different. But unfortunately – this very desire to be different is I believe something that has kept us uniformed. If that is true – then we are not pursuing anything that is different; rather this very pursuit of something that is different has become a sea of unanimity in which we are all drowning.

The pursuit of individuality itself has rendered us anonymous. Consider Indie, it has become so pop that it almost exists parallel to that what is mainstream. Whereas it was the dislike of the latter that brought forth the former. The line of difference between the idea of individuality and anonymity is so thin that it is almost nonexistent.

In the ancient Indian philosopher Sankara’s opinion, all individuals are just like the bubbles that forms on the surface of the ocean; the individuals being the bubbles and the ocean being Brahman. The individuals have no separate existence and whatever that exists like one is just illusionary.

Does that mean the pursuit of individuality is a forlorn love? But then again, we cannot ignore men who have successfully carved their name in human history; these were in no way ordinary or similar to ordinary men. But then again how come something that starts off as something really different ends up being ordinary? Is anonymity the inevitable end of individuality? Or are they isolated terms or something so deeply intertwined that the existence of one impregnates the other?