A Meditation: On Job 4:6 // Harmony Of Faith And Service //

by Matheus Yuhlung

Is not this thy fear, thy confidence, thy hope, and the uprightness of thy ways? – Job 4:6

This was Eliphaz’s reasoning and accusation regarding Job’s trouble; but dear reader – let us look at it from a different perspective today.

When you isolate the verse from its context; you’d see a verse that lays a great reminder to both:

  • The religious and,
  • The irreligious.

To the religious: it is a reminder not to devote themselves too much on the ministry of God more than it is required. Consider the example of Mary and Martha; or for a more extreme emphasis consider how the idea of mortal work blindfolded Judas in knowing Christ spiritually.

It is good to serve God (as faith without work is dead) but when you over – devote yourself to service than worship – you lose your focus from Christ. Religion then becomes a superficial imitation of godliness; where a believer starts to put his confidence on his piety and the illusion of walking on blameless ways as the sure foundation of his salvation.


To the irreligious: it is a reminder to work out their salvation[i] not to earn it but to compliment it. As Bob Deffinbaugh puts it – We are not saved for good works, but we are saved unto good works. If you believe you’ve been saved, work on it to further cement your calling and election sure[ii].

As Apostle Paul puts it, we are all servants of righteousness; but for the limbs to work – the intellect needs to be healthy as well. Meaning; faith and service go hand in hand. Discern well. Live a blessed life.

[i] Philippians 2:12

[ii] 2 Peter 1:10