Revering YHWH in Corporate Worship


Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore, let thy words be few.” – Ecclesiastes 5:2 (KJV)

It is appalling as to how often we fail to offer the honour that is due to God, especially on Sunday Services, when it is conducted as a social gathering. The Church exists to build, encourage, and edify, God’s elect to further the cause of the Gospel. But we gather as if to be entertained, and to remind ourselves, we are “Christians” and feel good about it. And forget, the looming presence of YHWH’s Holiness, that we defy in our frivolities.

The God of Abraham, is also the Christ of the Apostle Paul, and the Holy Spirit, we rely on today. If the former demanded Moses to remove his shoes in His presence, the later struck down Ananias and Sapphira for lying in His presence; aren’t we demanded of, the same reverence? The epistles attest so.

But unfortunately, many churches today see the pulpit as a stage, and the congregation as an audience. The ministers are more bothered to entertain its audience rather than delivering God’s Word to God’s Elect; at the same time stripping the lay,  the responsibility of inquiring into the Word, by making them believe, the ministers have them covered – they just need to be entertained. What a treacherous preoccupation to be busied with.

The pulpit on the other hand, is where one submits in humble adoration; where one approaches void of one’s being, to be made a vessel for the Divine Purpose alone. The pulpit is not a platform to exercise one’s wit and pass jokes, it is also not a platform to hog self-glorification. It is a place where one dies-to-self to glory Him. But what if people get bored and the church attendance suffers? One might ask. To that remains, only one response: Hallelujah! Praise the LORD! The weeds are separated from the wheat.

If someone gets bored of the Word of God, it is obvious that they don’t belong to the LORD. Ipso facto, if they aren’t God’s elect, they have no business being in the House of God. The God’s elect on the other hand, will never get bored of the Word. How can a beloved get bored of its lover’s voice? On the contrary, being denied to hear the lover’s voice is bound to be irksome.

We shouldn’t forget, that egoism is a blinding enterprise, we are cursed to deal with, during our time here on earth. But God, He is in heaven, He reigns sovereign over all. While we, we are a mere speck of dust, subjected to the futility of life. In His presence, it is wise to mince our words, our thoughts, and our actions – always. For we might not feel, the tenacity of the Divine Justice at work, but we shouldn’t forget, it being delayed does not mean it is not coming. Every beat that the heart pumps, and every ounce of air that the lungs draw, has a price tag too expensive for the human might could pay; for which, the Son of God had to lay down His Holy life to redeem our hopelessly depraved wretched lives. We should never forget this simple truth; the truth of our awfulness and His awesomeness – the grace we received, in spite of His all-consuming wrath against our sins. This is why, it is important to practice revering His Holiness, to mortify ourselves, privately, and more so, publicly in corporate worships, to remind each other of our station, and to encourage one another, to persevere in the Gospel alone.

Image: wikimedia